Sawin Lab


We are a diverse group of people coming from throughout the globe.

Prof. Ken Sawin Prof. Ken Sawin Principal Investigator
Dr. Gaurav Barve Dr. Gaurav Barve Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr. Tanya Dudnakova Dr. Tanya Dudnakova Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr. Ye Dee Tay Dr. Ye Dee Tay Postdoctoral Research Associate
Adam Kovac Adam Kovac PhD Student
Ankita Gupta Ankita Gupta PhD Student
Beste Bayrak Beste Bayrak PhD Student
Domenico Modaffari Domenico Modaffari PhD Student
James Le Cornu James Le Cornu PhD Student
Monique Scott Monique Scott PhD Student


PhD Projects

If you are interested in our research and want to undertake a PhD project with us, do not hesitate to contact. The main sources of recent PhD student funding have been EastBio, the Wellcome Four Year PhD Programme in Integrative Cell Mechanisms, and the Darwin Trust of Edinburgh.

Projects for 2023 start:

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Past members

Andreas Anders
Vicky Miller
Claudia Bicho
Lynda Groocock
Itaru Samejima

Hilary Snaith
Eric Lynch
Weronika Borek
Delyan Mutavchiev
Xun Bao

Harish Thakur
Sanju Ashraf
Hayley Johnson
Su Ling Leong
Ana Rodriguez